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Custom Mascots

Enter this gallery to see images of some of the many custom-made mascot characters DMS has created over the years.

Off-the-Shelf Costumes

DMS has a line of stock characters which are produced from existing molds and patterns. These costumes are less expensive than custom-designed mascots and they can even be modified to fit your design while still remaining within the stock price. Enter this gallery to see if a stock character would suit your needs.

Economy Plastic Globe Heads

Custom mascot heads can sometimes be created more economically by constructing them over large polypropylene globes. Enter this gallery to see if such a head might be right for your budget.

Mascot Prices

Click here to read up on our pricing and payment policies.

Masks, Make-Up & Props

Dale Morton is also highly skilled in the creation of masks, prosthetic make-ups, and props. His works have been utilized in independent films, television commercials, and theatrical productions. Enter this gallery to begin a journey into the strange and bizarre!

Super Hero Costumes

DMS also does custom commissioned super hero costumes, from Superman to Wonder Woman or any other character. We can do complete costumes, capes or just symbols that you apply yourself.

Past Clients

Here is a list of the many luminous companies, schools, radio stations, restaurants, & civic organizations that have had their mascot characters created by DMS.

Visit the Studio

Visit this gallery to go on a photographical tour of DMS MASCOT COSTUMES' studio, room by room.